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Massage: 7 items for relaxation

Massage has a pain-relieving effect on the joint and ligament apparatus and improves its elasticity.

Massage … in general
The power of massage is due to the process that triggers our body with appropriate massages: Through proper contact with the soft tissues of the body, massage relaxes the muscles, helps better blood circulation, and therefore, eliminates them. muscle of the “junk” substances that accumulate in them due to fatigue, and respectively in the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, it is believed that it can reduce stress, combat pain, improve skin image and even make a healthy person feel better. However, there are many massages already, following different techniques to achieve their therapeutic purpose.

Relaxing massage
At the beginning (of the massage) is relaxation. And this is achieved with basic massages and blisters at the appropriate parts of the body, which achieve (what else?) Relaxation. We made sure to record with our camera the specialist Physiotherapist and trainer Peter Vagenas to demonstrate the basic movements for the back and neck – see them in the video of the In2life related publication.

Lymphatic massage
Our lymphatic system consists of lymphatic organs, lymph nodes and lymph nodes. Imagine it as a system parallel to that of the blood, through which the lymph circulates, which ‘filters’ our blood plasma. The purpose of lymphatic massage is to activate the lymph with slow repetitive motions to improve its circulation, which ultimately benefits our immune system. The accumulated junk gets in the way of detoxification while reducing fluid retention. Finally, it is thought to improve the appearance of the skin caused by cellulite, although we should remember that the latter is a more complex phenomenon.

It means “finger pressure” and comes from Japan, where the constant pressures, stretches and mobilizations of the joints, along with massaging, are achieved as techniques used with many parts of the masseur’s body, such as elbows, palms. , fingers, even knees or soles. Shiatsu requires a special layer and clothing that covers the whole body. Due to the special small movements and the focus on the energy factor, acupuncture without needles has also been characterized. Its benefits include relaxing, toning, relieving stress and increasing muscle flexibility. Each Shiatsu session can be very different from the previous one (something that doesn’t make you … bored), while its power lies in its effect on the “meridians”, the energy channels of our body.

Swedish massage
It is one of the most popular and popular types of massage, especially for the “rookies”, as it is very relaxing. The massager’s movements are gentle, usually circular blisters, kneading and friction, and focus on the superficial layers of the oils or lotions. It was named after his Swedish inspirer, Henrik Ling, who combined Western techniques with the Oriental techniques, which improve the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems, and is primarily recommended for those suffering from muscle problems.

Thai massage
It is a technique of ancient roots, combining Chinese and Indian therapeutic methods such as yoga, acupressure and reflexology. The session is usually done on the floor, with the patient wearing comfortable clothing, and no oil is used. The massage follows the Sen lines of the body – corresponding to the meridians, which determine the body’s energy channels, with constant pressure and stretching of various parts of the body. The masseur also uses his hands and feet to stimulate blood circulation, the nervous and respiratory system, muscles, and fight problems such as headaches and insomnia.

Aromatherapy massage
Those suffering from anxiety and other mental disorders may need to try this type of massage, which combines massages with the use of herbal aromatic oils. Essential oils are selected according to the needs of the patient: For example, lavender is ideal for situations where relaxation and relaxation are needed.

Balinese massage
It was developed in Bali, Indonesia and was influenced by Chinese, Indian and other Oriental methods. Balinese massage combines gentle strokes and steady “cylindrical” movements in the body, while also using oils and / or special stones to make tight muscles easier to heal and relax quickly, with the goal of releasing energy flow and balance .

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